How your scalp reacts to dandruff, unfortunately, isn't up to you. Thankfully, treating it is. Introducing REIN: a discreet anti-dandruff and scalp care shampoo and conditioner made for discerning consumers who value results, and aesthetics.

REIN was launched in 2023 by Boss Hunting founders James Want and Jack Slade following more than two years of formula testing and packaging trials. 

From cradle cap as babies to dandruff as mid-thirties adults, both of us have trialled and tested every cosmetic and clinical anti-dandruff shampoo under the sun. Tired of using light blue, toxic-smelling goo, we wondered why an effective, visually appealing and delightful-smelling alternative did not exist – so we decided to make one.

Why the name REIN? We looked at what goals the product set out to achieve, and the process of controlling the problem and settled on REIN – a word that means to keep under control or restrain but also introduces the many benefits of our product. To reinvent an unimaginative category, to reinvigorate the scalp, to rein-still moisture, and reinforce confidence.

REIN utilises effective anti-dandruff ingredients – that cleanse the scalp and increase hair volume – alongside natural extracts and oils to deliver a luxurious and hydrating formula with an invigorating maritime scent. Our conditioner shares the shampoo’s key ingredients but introduces an arsenal of butters and emollients to moisturise and repair hair.

Delivered in a striking minimalist vessel with no reference to the product’s core function, we designed REIN to feature proudly in users' homes.

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